This is not me, I don’t wear orange clothes, although I sometimes wish I was brave enough to do so.

If photography can be called a lifestyle, then that is me, I have been immersed in photography since a long time ago when I began work on a local newspaper in Essex as a staff photographer whilst still a school boy.

Since then I have continued to photograph professionally for publications and also photographed horse shows, commercial photography, portraits and weddings. I also shoot a lot of personal work, especially street photography.

My personal style, especially with weddings and street photography, is to shoot in a documentary style, which is where I do not interrupt the proceedings which means that when you look at your wedding photographs after the event you will see your day, and not a day the photographer arranged; brides and grooms love that.

I teach photography, and have in the last five years completed a BA (hons) in photography at the University of Lincoln, an MA in Visual Communication (Photography) at the University of Hertfordshire and a PGCE Level 7 teaching degree at the University of Hull. Fellow students used to find in amusing that I had been a professional photographer for many years before I studied photography, but I think at degree level it proved a good thing and I felt very honoured to both pass the degrees and have the work I produced requested by the British Library.

I also volunteer within photography and am a regional organiser for the Royal Photographic Society, as well as sitting on their Distinctions Assessment Panel, another true honour in photography.