Facebook : Amazon : Night-time Reading

I saw a post yesterday by a Facebook friend called Susi Foxy Luanda about a book telling how Daido Moriyama takes his street photographs, it looked interesting so I decided to order a copy; readers of this blog might have seen a post a week or so ago about an event I’ve organised featuring Ian Berry, a magnum photographer, where he will talk about how he takes photographs, I find this sort of thing interesting.

Look at the dates on the screen grab above, I ordered the book from Amazon whilst parked in the trees at Wellington’s country park at 10am yesterday, drove to Chelmsford and at 6.15pm as we sat down to munch a Chinese takeaway the book about the Japanese photographer was delivered; we had almost had Sushi from the European Aldi for lunch but had Italian pizza instead, and they think Brexit will change things, if it does we are doomed!

The book makes excellent reading and here am I at 4am reading about street photography when I should be sleeping prior to a long day in London shooting street photography, it has been worth it though.

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