On Tour – Searching for Stories

I’m told there are some excellent streets down there that are full of stories, hope so. The plan for tomorrow is to head to a town called Matlock…should be fun

This photograph really interests me in that it shows a natural landscape that has taken millions of years to evolve and is interrupted by two man made objects separated by a few hundred years. In the foreground is a modern wind turbine and in the distance a castle, which I intend to find out more about.

I took the photograph from the field I am using as a base whilst we are spending a few days exploring the streets of the area.

Many readers, I am sure, will recognise my thoughts as being connected with the 1970s New Topographics photography exhibition which featured similar images of landscapes where the natural flow was broken by manmade objects. They altered expectations of landscape photography for many people at the time, a genre that until then was dominated by the style of photographers such as Ansel Adams

There is more info on New Topographics here: https://www.tate.org.uk/art/art-terms/n/new-topographics

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